Artificial grass range is designed with quality

Artificial grass has become more and more popular with our high standard, skill and advances in the quality of synthetic surfaces of artificial grass, we believe that we can offer the perfect low maintenance solution and with a 10 Year Guarantee on UV protection Included.

Child & Pet Friendly

Our artificial grass is child and pet-friendly. We want you to enjoy the grass as you would real grass but without the upkeep.

Low Maintenance

Our artificial grass needs very little to no maintenance allowing you to concentrate on the fun things to do in the garden with the family.

No mowing or lawn treatment

Wow, no cutting or grass maintenance. That sounds perfect. Well, that’s what our artificial grass allows – no more cutting or messing around.

Lush green all year round

A beautifully lush green lawn all year round without the hassle of cutting or maintaining. Sounds perfect to us.

Lawns look bright and vibrant all year round

weather resistant

no more muddy paw prints from our four-legged friends

easy to clean

Simply using regular domestic cleaning products.